quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2016


Dear Patriot,

Oli Fischer here and I've got a question for you...

Let's say some huge disaster struck your hometown,
you had no access to shelter or food. This is literally
a life or death situation...

What's the ONE tool you' rely on to survive?

If you're not sure here's a simple suggestion...use a
tool that can do many things, not just one.

See the picture below:

What you're looking at is the 13 Function Pocket Knife...
this should be the top tool you use in a crisis.

The reason why is the knife is not only made out of rock
solid stainless steel, has two blades, magnifying glass
for making fires, can opener and more.

Plus, the best part is the knife if 100% free... but you
need to act fast.

There's only a few hundred left and this email is going
out to tens of thousands of people.

We expect our supplies to dry up fast. So, you should
act now, get the one tool you need to survive and get
it for free.

Here's the link again: 13 Function Pocket Knife

As the saying goes, "don't leave home without it."

In Liberty,

Oli Fischer

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