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Get Well soon...

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Get Well soon...
If you have done any research on how your diet can influence your thyroid health, you have likely stumbled upon a number of foods that can directly hurt your thyroid.

Today I need to warn you that there is a BIG one that you do not know about and it is the worst of them all because it suppresses your thyroid on 3 different levels!

But, what makes matters worse is that this is one of those "so-called" health foods that everyone is eating, including you. Even your doctor is recommending that you eat more of it.

You will love it.

So hurry before this offer ends


Last week, a hashtag called #ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear zipped around Twitter, giving women the chance to share the condescension and the cluelessness that writing while female guarantees. There were assumptions about how everything a woman writes is automatically chick lit, links to the latest essays about great American novelists that failed to mention women, and tweets like I loved your article did you write it while the baby napped, And of course, there was the assumption that every protagonist a woman writes is her and that every plot is something she experienced, even if the protagonist is a space alien and the something is the Civil War. Men invent; women transcribe. Mens books are windows onto some grander, more universal experience; womens books are mirrors, reflecting the authors own eating, praying and loving. Its the kind of thing you hate to see happen to any writer. Until that writer is the deposed Fox News bloviator Bill OReilly. Mr. OReilly, of course, has been in slowmotion freefall ever since this paper reported that Fox had paid more than 13 to five female colleagues who had accused him of sexual harassment. He lost his job. He lost his reputation. And then things got really bad: Critics and comics rediscovered the novel he had published back in 1998 before the tomes on Reagan, Lincoln and Jesus and Bill OReilly got treated as if he writes like a girl.
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