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do you still attend concerts? Thats been a choice I've struggled with the past few months. I know its impossible to compare your tinnitus to anyone else's but I honestly think mine is on the mild side. I literally dont notice it ever unless I focus on it, which usually occurs when I'm at home doing nothing, or the thought pops into my head. I take exams in silent rooms and have gone the entire exam without noticing it. But I worry that attending concerts will make it worse. Since my tinnitus appearing about a year ago, I've attend a ton of concerts using ear plugs and really haven't had any noticeable difference whatsoever. I love music, was just looking to hear some insight. Really any ear plugs. I wear foam but I've also used rubber ones. I don't know what you mean by musicians ear plugs, though I think there are special ear plugs that almost work like hearing aids. You can set the frequency of your tinnitus and then the earplugs filter out that frequency. This will reduce constructive interference. My tinnitus sounds worse when I hear other high pitched noises (like glassware clinging together) because sound waves of the same frequency amplify each other. The thing is I have only heard that these exist but haven't found any online. Edit: Also keep in mind that ear plugs can only do so much. Earplugs have decibel s for how much sound they can reduce. The highest I've found is 35 DB. I'm sure there's some that have higher s but I haven't looked much for them. I've worn ear plugs on top of ear muffs but it doesn't too a whole lot. If I wear 26 DB plugs and 34 DB muffs, my sound reduction is not 60DB. It's 41 DB. Concerts are much much louder than 35 DB so you could still cause damage at a concert.

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