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I can totally relate to you. I've been since as long as i can remember (age 10?) I'm 21 now. I was a 2x times a day guy, and in my teens I'd go 5 times a day sometimes where my max was 10 (i know, crazy). I'm a smart guy, but the brain fog makes me seem dumb because I can't focus and concentrate on anything. This gives people (and eventually gave me) the impression that i'm incompetent which has drastically reduced my self confidence. Man, on the first week of NoFap, the brain fog lifted 50% of the time and I felt so amazing. Anything I set my mind to, I could do. I felt so . I just want this fog to lift so i can finally live again.Don't like your coffee black but are looking for ways to cut back on the sugars? Skip the sugar and sprinkle some cinnamon on top instead. The cinnamon gives the coffee a boost of flavor and sweetness with no additional calories. Research also suggests added health benefits of cinnamon, including a strengthened immune system, relieving congestion, countering inflammation, supporting digestive health, increasing circulation and boosting brain function.
Hebrew numbers and letters aren't just correlated; they're the same characters, and when you see numbers written in Hebrew, they look a like words. There's not much to the technique, really: evaluate a word as the sum of its letters' values. There are more games you can play, like summing the numbers of the final value. Learn the Hebrew letters and their numbers (including final forms!), and then go start playing with words. Sefer Yetzirah is a nice place to start; I like this version, for its inline Hebrew/English translation. Once you've got some practice, go here: Remember that gematria is all about making connections and strengthening relationships between disparate ideas, and that if you find something cool, you may be the only person to ever think so... because it's really just about the relationships you forge in your own head.

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