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Get paid for your amateur or professional photo work. Got pictures?

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I know the term fine art can come off as snobby or vague to a lot of people, but the way I regard whether a work is fine art is if it has a conceptual significance and (at least some) intellectual planning involved. Basically, why did you take that photo, and why does it belong as part of the series? Because it was beautiful and the colors matched shouldn't be the only answers. I'm thinking the new can be either a self-post of a series that you're working on (asking for a critique, etc.) or links to others' works that are online (perhaps from fine art photography blogs like Conscientious and FlakPhoto). I'm also thinking that this will revolve more around more contemporary and newer work. Thoughts? Seems like there are a good number of you who would be interested in this! I'm gonna go ahead and make this soon. PM me if you'd like to be a mod! you all expressed interested in helping out, do you guys wanna be mods? Otherwise, stay tuned and look for some good fine art work! EDIT 2: I've gotten a handful of interest from you guys to be mods for the new. We're at five right now (based on first come, first serve). We've decided to cap it at that number for now, to keep it sane and simple. Once we start building more traffic and subscribers then we'll possibly bring on more mods to help us out. Otherwise, we're busy planning to make this an awesome, so make sure you head on over to /r/FineArtPhoto and just subscribe for now (don't make any new posts yet). We'll officially announce its beginning on /r/photography in a few days. Thank you all for the interest and stay tuned.



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