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ue tar and man of valour.These were my sentiments at the time, and these remain my sent iments still; but as, while on board the frigate, my liberty of thought did not extend to liberty of expression, I was obliged to keep these sentiments to myself; though, ind eed, I had some thoughts of addressing a letter, marked Private and Confidential, to hi s Honour the Commodore, on the subject.My station at the batteries was at one of the thi rty-two-pound carronades, on the starboard side of the quarter-deckI did not fancy this s tation at all; for it is well known on shipboard that, in time of action, the quarter-de ck is one of the most dangerous posts of a man-of-war. The reason is, that the officers o f the highest rank are there stationed; and the enemy have an ungentlemanly way of target -shooting at their buttons. If we should chance to engage a ship, then, who could tell bu t some bungling small-arm marks-man in the enemy's tops might put a bullet through me ins tead of the Commodore? If they hit him, no doubt he would not feel it much, for he was us ed to that sort of thing, and, indeed, had a bullet in him already. Whereas, I was altog ether unaccustomed to having blue pills playing round my head in such an indiscriminate way. Besides, ours was a flag-ship; and every one knows what a peculiarly dangerous pred icament the quarter-deck of Nelson's flag-ship was in at the battle of Trafalgar; how t he lofty tops of the enemy were full of soldiers, peppering away at the English Admiral and his officers. Many a poor sailor, at the guns of that quarter-deck, must have recei ved a bullet intended for some wearer of an epaulet.jullie /virtual /gloire /hist /soumi

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