domingo, 4 de dezembro de 2016

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ee as conditioning and influencing human love relationships for the haphazard and arbitrary game that love plays with the two Athenian couples appears as a projection of the irrationality irresponsibility and playfulness characterizing the nature of the fairies themselves However the fairies not only make other people behave in a way that corresponds as it were to their own fairy natures they also strengthen and reinforce peoples latent tendencies Previous to the fairies intervention we learn from Demetrius that he has loved Helena before bestog his affections on Hermia I i it is not for nothing that he is termed spotted and inconstant man I i Shakespeare has interspersed his text with numerous illuminating hints referring to the fairies peculiar traits of character and sphere of existence so that we are able to get a vivid picture of the type of creatures they are Although the world of the fairies exhibits several characteristics common to popular belief and folklore tradition it is to a considerable extent a new creation of Shakespeares own This is particularly true when we think of Puck whose descent from Robin Goodfellow or Hobgoblin as he is called by one of the fairies when he first appears II i only accounts for one aspect of his being If one examines the numerous statements that Puck utters about himself and that the other characters

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