terça-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2016

Dow 50,000 is a certainty, make gains of 100%, 500% and 1,000%

The New "Trump Economy" [It&'s not what you think]
Dear Reader,

The recent Trump rally has the Dow hitting historic highs.
And according to many economists and distinguished investors, this bull market rally is only the beginning.
Ron Baron, CEO of Baron Capital, is calling for Dow 30,000.
Larry Edelson of Money and Markets is calling for Dow 31,000.
And Jeffrey A. Hirsch, author of Stock Trader&'s Almanac , is calling for Dow 38,000.
However, Paul Mampilly&'s "Dow 50,000" predication is garnering national attention ... not because it&'s a bold prediction, but because every one of his past predictions has been spot-on.
Like when he predicted the tech crash of 1999 and the time he called the financial collapse of 2008 months before they unraveled.
Mampilly&'s predictions paid off big as the 6 billion dollar hedge fund he managed was named by Barron&'s as one of the "World&'s Best."
And Mampilly became legendary when he won the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition by making a 76% return ($38 million in profit on a $50 million stake) ... during the 2008 and 2009 economic crisis.
In a new video presentation, Mampilly states:
"Stocks are on the cusp of a historic surge. The Dow will rally to 50,000. I&'ve never been more certain of anything in my career."
Strangely enough, this bull market surge has nothing to do with a new "Trump economy."
The drive behind this stock market rally?
"A little-known, yet powerful, economic force that has driven every bull market for the last 120 years," Mampilly explains.
"I&'ve used this same force to predict the stock market collapse of 2000 and 2008 ... and to make personal gains of 634%, 696% and even 2,539% along the way."
And while these gains are impressive, Mampilly states they are nothing compared to what&'s ahead.
"The last time this scenario unfolded, it sent a handful of stocks as high 27,000%, 28,000% and even 91,000%."
The key is to buy the right stocks before this rally explodes.
And in his new video, Mampilly reveals exactly how to find these stocks.
To find out what stocks to buy, and to see the chart that proves Dow 50,000 is inevitable, simply click here now to start the video presentation...
JL Yastine
Editorial Director, The Sovereign Society

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