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Early Monday morning in Navabaga, a group of children walk towards their school waist-deep in sewage water. It is a gut-wrenching sight to see filthy water everywhere. Stink pervades the air, People of the neighbourhood don't know what happened They do know that this hadn't happened before the government implemented the Ganga Action Plan (GAP), Yes, the same plan meant to clean up our holy river has ended up spreading more filth around our city. How? Weil because none of the projects meant to clean up the river were implemented. The Navabaga flooding apart, the river is filthier than ever, To give you an idea, the presence of fecal coliform, a form ofbacteria* should not be more than 2,000 units/litre. At the ghats, the fecal coliform levels are 1,500,000 units/litre. Not only is our river dirty, we are living with serious health hazards.

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