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This 12-Year-Old UK Girl's IQ is Higher than Bill Gates

Braxton lives hours away from Crenshaw and braves the daily commute even if hes exhausted This year is his most demanding yet because aside from being the head of the magnet program
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he is also a father He found out that he had passed the school districts assistant principal test and plans on transferring to another school in the fall

This 12-Year-Old Girl's IQ is Higher than Hawking and Einstein


LONDON: A 12-year-old girl in the UK has achieved the highest possible score of 162 on a Mensa IQ test, which makes her smarter then Bill Gates and Einstein.

"When I found out I got such a high score, it was so unexpected. I was shocked,"

Nicole admits she started using this brain enhancer

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None of the administrators had any contact with Toni Little during the week after spring break The students are getting anxious about the upcoming AP exams as they know that they need Little to prepare them The author approaches the principal Yvonne Noble to find out if Little is returning Noble admits that she has no clue of when Little is returning Shes still creating contingency plans with Braxton in case Little doesnt return Little has been so infuriated with the school that she had persuaded a few parents to send their ren to other high schools Some parents were put off by how Little is putting the students in the middle of her personal drama and making their ren casualties of Littles complaints about the administration On Saturday morning the author pays Littles home a visit She seems frail and vulnerable while clutching her three Papillons She revealed that she has been on antianxiety meds for a few days already Her stress has been building all year and she just had to rest She admits that she cries everyday for her students If Little doesnt Return Braxton is considering transferring Moultrie in to take over all the classes that shell be leaving Moultrie is overwhelmed but she knows that the seniors need her help She assures Braxton that shell be there if he needs her to step in Little hasnt made an.
announcement about her return Braxton wants to hire a replacement as soon as possible as he doesnt want the kids to be taught by a string of substitute teachers The only saving grace of his stressful years was the seniors handing him their college acceptance letters a product of the four years that they have spent together He is proudest of Danielle who was accepted into Stanford She was accepted to the same class as Chelsea Clinton the class of The only difference is that Chelsea can afford to go to Stanford while Danielle was only offered half of the a year she needs for everything Shes planning on committing to Pitzer College where she was offered a full ride Crenshaw students have grades for Ivy League colleges but its rare for them to apply as they think that those schools are too far from home or too expensive So far this had been a good year for college acceptance in Crenshaw The AP exam is only weeks away and Little still hasnt returned Danielle decided to step in and ask Little if she can tutor the students on a Sunday afternoon study session Only nine students arrive at their designated place and time Little arrives an hour and minutes late making a dramatic entrance She hugs the students and tells them that shell be returning to school the next day.

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