domingo, 6 de novembro de 2016

NEVER eat this type of vegetable EVER (Worsens diabetes)


You've heard it since your mom was spoon-feeding you in a high chair.
And your doctor probably tells you the same thing today. Vegetables are full of fiber and vitamins that help lower your blood sugar or help minimize your Type 2 Diabetes
What you probably haven't heard is that there are 2 specific vegetables - which you probably eat 2-3 times per week - that you should NEVER eat, due to the deadly effect they have on your blood sugar and diabetes.
They spike your blood sugar which worsens your diabetes, and make you need higher doses of Metformin or more frequent insulin injections. (And even if you don't need them yet, these 2 vegetables could make you start needing insulin injections!)
Not to mention, they make your body store more fat... making that belly pudge even worse!
I'll leave it to my friend, ex-diabetic David Andrews to explain it better than I can. He reversed his Type 2 Diabetes, using research from Dr. Roy Taylor at Newcastle University in England.
Don't even touch these 2 vegetables

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