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My fat sister looks better than you drink (2 a day) to end obesity

CNN > Lose 28lbs In A Week
HEALTH The only thing I really do with the water now is wash clothes and flush the toilet, Young said Both Young and Mason have tested their kids for elevated lead levels and found normal levels so far But lead only stays in the bloodstream for about 40 days, so its impossible to know whether a child has been affected earlier I take them to the doctor every few months to try to keep track of their blood levels, Young said So far were doing good, but its going to take a long time to actually see the effects of that
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Some have left Youngs sister moved to California three months ago over concerns that her asthmatic son was getting sicker because of exposure to the water Young has thrown herself into protesting, determined to make the city a better place instead of being forced to leave .

Both mothers struggle to explain to their kids why they cant drink water from the tap I explain to the kids, I tell them the issue thats going on with the water, Young said Little Zayda doesnt understand, but, My son, he understands, he goes to every protest with me I want him to know the exact issue hes going through and when he older hell be able to explain and tell about this situation about how he was living for so long without the use of water.

Mason said she has so far not told her kids because she thinks theyre too young to understand We have firstworld problems about worrying where were going to get silly things for our kids, not about whether I can get them water that they can drink, she said I feel very fortunate that Ive had a life up to this point where I havent had to worry about this

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