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ie can be a journalist in other cities too,' I said. 1 guess' she said as she tucked her hair behind her ear. 'But he likes VaranasL He knows this place and the issues here. How is your drink? Can I take a sip?" I. gave her my glass, 'How much does he get paid for this Dainik job?' 1 said, I had to know how much Raghav made. She took a few sips and kept the glass for herself. 'A third of what Infosys would give him,* she said. ' Wow, And his parents are okay with it?' 'No way! They went ballistic when he told them, it isn't just about the money, he isn't using his engineering degree. They are still upset, •lor 'So what? He doesn't care. He feels the revolution begins at home. Society changes only when individual family norms are challenged' 'Revolution?' I said. 'Oh yeah, he is quite into that. The Great Indian Revolution. Oops, 1 finished your drink. I am so sorry, 1 she said and touched my arm in apology, 'It's fine. I'll make another one. And you are cool with his career choice?' 'Of course, I believe one should follow their passion. Am I not working towards mine? So an air hostess isn't the same as a revolution, but still, that's me.' 'What exactly is this revolution?' I said, irritated.

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