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Suze Orman explains the only way protect yourself from BREXIT crisis

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Did Suze Orman Say the Unthinkable!? "Traditional Savings is DEAD - Americans Need CASH Now!"

- She reveals why your job and retirment can be WIPED OUT tomorrow, and how you need to protect yourself.

Suze Orman Admits : European Crisis will take your job and retirement. (How to protect yourself)

For nearly 3 decades, Suze's advice has been to focus on stable employment, saving at least 25% of your pre-tax income, and investing aggressively in low risk investments.

Last Sunday August 14th, she shocked millions of people when she admitted that her advice no longer works.

"Guys, I hate to say it, but we're in for rough waters ahead. This global crisis is going to hit everyone hard, and hit working class, regular people the hardest." She told viewers that "the crisis in Europe" is only growing, and that many people are going to get "wiped out".

Read the Full Article to Find Out What You NEED to Do Now!

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