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I'm tired of being overweight. Finally something I found that works.

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before the repair

Blake Shelton Weight Loss:
I lost half my body weight with one simple idea...

At first he didn't want the media to know how he lost so much weight. He was afraid he would cause a "media frenzy". The fact that he lost over 30+ pounds in a month is incredible.

If you want to try what Blake did to lose weight rapidly...

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By dawn Friday, [[M3]]the tropical [[M3]]storm was 20 miles west of Valdosta,[[M3]] Georgia, and moving north [[M5]] at 14 mph, according to the hurricane center.
"This motion is expected to continue today and [[M3]]Saturday," the center said. "On the [[M3]]forecast track,[[M5]] the center of Hermine should continue to move farther inland across southeastern Georgia today and into the Carolinas tonight and Saturday."
Its maximum sustained winds decreased to 70 mph,[[M3]] with additional weakening forecast [[M3]]as it moves farther inland.

'You cannot rebuild[[M3]] a life'

After its short reign[[M3]] as a hurricane,[[M3]] it's expected to spawn a few tornadoes in [[M3]]northern Florida [[M5]]and southern Georgia. A tornado watch was in effect for dozens of Florida and Georgia counties until 8 a.m. ET Friday.
In Florida, life-threatening [[M3]]floodingremains a risk as rain has pounded the Gulf Coast[[M5]] since Wednesday. [[M5]] Forecasters say much more is in store.
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