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The forest face was forbidding and enormously high It was so squarely turned to the sea that it looked as though it had been planed by tools Maskull strode along in the shade of the treesbut kept his head constantly turned away from themtoward the sea there it was more cheerful The creekwhen he reached itproved to be broad and flatbanked It was not a riverbut an arm of the sea Its stilldark green water curved around a bend out of sightinto the forest The trees on both banks overhung the waterso that it was completely in shadow He went as far as the bendbeyond which another short reach appeared A man was sitting on a narrow shelf of bankwith his feet in the water He was clothed in a coarserough hidewhich left his limbs bare He was shortthickand sturdywith short legs and a longpowerful armsterminating in hands of an extraordinary size He was oldish His face was plainslablikeand expressionless it was full of wrinklesand walnutcoloured Both face and head were baldand his skin was tough and leathery He seemed to be some sort of peasantor fisherman there was no trace in his face of thought for othersor delicacy of feeling He possessed three eyesof different colors jadegreenblueand ulfire In front of himriding on the watermoored to the bankwas an elementary raftconsisting of the branches of treesclumsily corded together Maskull addressed him Are you another of the wise men of the Wombflash Forest The man answered him in a gruffhusky voicelooking up as he did so Im a fisherman I know nothing about wisdom What name do you go by Polecrab Whats yours Maskull If youre a fishermanyou ought to have fish Im famishing Polecrab gruntedand paused a minute before answering Theres fish enough My dinner is cooking in the sands now Its easy enough to get you some more Maskull found this a pleasant speech But how long will it take he asked The man slid the palms of his hands togetherproducing a shrillscreeching noise He lifted his feet from the waterand clambered onto the bank In a minute or two a curious little beast came crawling up to his feetturning its face and eyes up affectionatelylike a dog It was about two feet longand somewhat resembled a small sealbut had six legsending in strong claws Arggo fish said Polecrab hoarsely The animal immediately tumbled off the bank into the water It swam gracefully to the middle of the creek and made a pivotal dive beneath the surfacewhere it remained a great while Simple fishingremarked Maskull But whats the raft for To go to sea with The best fish are out at sea These are eatable That arg seems a highly intelligent creature Polecrab grunted again Ive trained close on a of them The bigheads learn bestbut theyre slow swimmers The narrowheads swim like eelsbut cant be taught Now Ive started interbreeding them hes one of them Do you live here alone NoIve got a wife and three boys My wifes sleeping somewherebut where the lads areShaping knows Maskull began to feel very much at home with this unsophisticated being The rafts all crazyhe remarkedstaring at it If you go far out in thatyouve got more pluck than I have Ive been to Matterplay on itsaid Polecrab The arg reappeared and started swimming to shorebut this time clumsilyas if it were bearing a heavy under the surface When it landed at its masters feetthey saw that each set of claws was clutching a fish six in all Polecrab took them from it He proceeded to cut off the heads and tails with a sharpedged stone which he picked up these he threw to the argwhich devoured them without any fuss Polecrab beckoned to Maskull to follow him andcarrying the fishwalked toward the open shoreby the same way that he had come When they reached the sandshe sliced the fishremoved the entrailsand digging a shallow hole in a patch of violet sandplaced the remainder of the carces in itand covered them over again Then he dug up his own dinner Maskulls nostrils quivered at the savoury smellbut he was not yet to dine Polecrabturning to go with the cooked fish in his handssaidThese are minenot yours When yours are doneyou can come back and join mesupposing you want company How soon will that be About twenty minutesreplied the fishermanover his shoulder Maskull sheltered himself in the shadows of the forestand waited When the time had approximately elapsedhe disinterred his mealscorching his fingers in the operationalthough it was only the surface of the sand which was so intensely hot Then he returned to Polecrab In the warmstill air and cheerful shade of the inletthey munched in silencelooking from their food to the sluggish waterand back again With every ful Maskull felt his strength returning He finished before Polecrabwho ate like a man for whom time has no value When he had donehe stood up Come and drinkhe saidin his husky voice Maskull looked at him inquiringly The man led him a little way into the forestand walked straight up to a certain tree At a convenient height in its trunk a hole had been tapped and plugged Polecrab removed the plug and put his to the aperturesucking for quite a long timelike a at its mothers Maskullwatching himimagined that he saw his eyes grog brighter When his own turn came to drinkhe found the juice of the tree somewhat like coconut milk in flavourbut intoxicating It was a new sort of intoxicationhoweverfor neither his will not his emotions were excitedbut only his intellect and that only in a certain way His thoughts and images were not d and loosenedbut on the contrary kept labouring and swelling painfullyuntil they reached the full beauty of an aperçuwhich would then flame up in his consciousnessburstand vanish After thatthe whole process started over again But there was never a moment when he was not perfectly cooland master of his senses When each had drunk twicePolecrab replugged the holeand they returned to their bank Is it Blodsombre yet asked Maskullsprawling on the groundwell content Polecrab resumed his old upright sitting posturewith his feet in the water Just beginningwas his hoarse response Then I must stay here till its over Shall we talk We cansaid the otherwithout enthusiasm Maskull glanced at him through halfclosed lidsdering if he were exactly what he seemed to be In his eyes he thought he detected a wise light Have you travelled muchPolecrab Not what you would call travelling You tell me youve been to Matterplay what kind of country is that I dont know I went there to pick up flints What countries lie beyond it Threal comes nextas you go north They say its a land of mystics I dont know Mystics So Im told Still farther north theres Lichstorm Now were going far afield There are mountains there and altogether it must be a very dangerous placeespecially for a fullblooded man like you Take care of yourself This is rather prematurePolecrab How do you know Im going there As youve come from the southI suppose youll go north Wellthats right enoughsaid Maskullstaring at him But how do you know Ive come from the south Wellthenperhaps you havent but theres a look of Ifdawn about you What kind of look A tragical looksaid Polecrab He never even glanced at Maskullbut was gazing at a fixed spot on the water with unblinking eyes What lies beyond Lichstorm asked Maskullafter a minute or two Bareywhere you have two suns instead of one but beyond that fact I know nothing about it Then comes the ocean And whats on the other side of the ocean That you must find out for yourselffor I doubt if anybody has ever crossed it and come back Maskull was silent f or a little while How is it that your people are so unadventurous I seem to be the only one travelling from curiosity What do you mean by your people True you dont know that I dont belong to your planet at all Ive come from another worldPolecrab What to find I came here with Krag and Nightspore to follow Surtur I must have fainted the moment I arrived When I sat upit was night and the others had vanished Since then Ive been travelling at random Polecrab scratched his nose You havent found Surtur yet Ive heard his drum taps frequently In the forest this morning I came quite close to him Then two days agoin the Lusion PlainI saw a vision a being in mans shapewho called himself Surtur Wellmaybe it was Surtur Nothats impossiblereplied Maskull reflectively It was Crystalman And it isnt a question of my suspecting it I know it How Because this is Crystalmans worldand Surturs world is something quite differently Thats queerthensaid Polecrab Since Ive come out of that forestproceeded Maskulltalking half to himselfa change has come over meand I see things differently Everything here looks much more solid and real in my eyes than in other places so much so that I cant entertain the least doubt of its existence It not only looks realit is real and on that I would stake my life But at the same time that its realit is false Like a dream No not at all like a dreamand thats just what I want to explain This world of yours and perhaps of mine toofor that matter doesnt give me the slightest impression of a dreamor an illusionor anything of that sort I know its really here at this momentand its exactly as were seeing ityou and I Yet its false Its false in this sensePolecrab Side by side with it another world existsand that other world is the true oneand this one is all false and deceitfulto the very core And so it occurs to me that reality and falseness are two words for the same thing Perhaps there is such another worldsaid Polecrab huskily But did that vision also seem real and false to you Very realbut not false thenfor then I didnt understand all this But just because it was realit couldnt have been Surturwho has no connection with reality Didnt those drum taps sound real to you I had to hear them with my earsand so they sounded real to me Stillthey were somehow differentand they certainly came from Surtur If I didnt hear them correctlythat was my fault and not his Polecrab growled a little If Surtur chooses to speak to you in that fashionit appears hes trying to say something What else can I think ButPolecrabwhats your opinion is he calling me to the life after The old man stirred uneasily Im a fishermanhe saidafter a minute or two I live by ingand so does everybody This life seems to me all wrong So maybe life of any kind is wrongand Surturs world is not life at allbut something else Yesbut will lead me to itwhatever it is Ask the said Polecraband not a living man Maskull continued In the forest I heard music and saw a lightwhich could not have belonged to this world They were too strong for my sensesand I must have fainted for a long time There was a vision as wellin which I saw myself edwhile Nightspore walked on toward the lightalone Polecrab uttered his grunt You have enough to think over A short silence ensuedwhich was broken by Maskull So strong is my sense of the untruth of this present lifethat it may come to my putting an end to myself The fisherman remained quiet and immobile Maskull lay on his stomachpropped his face on his handsand stared at him What do you thinkPolecrab Is it possible for any manwhile in the bodyto gain a closer view of that other world than I have done I am an ignorant manstrangerso I cant say Perhaps there are many others like you who would gladly know Where I should like to meet them Do you think you were made of one stuffand the rest of mankind of another stuff I cant be so presumptuous Possibly all men are reaching out toward Muspelin most cases without being aware of it In the wrong directionsaid Polecrab Maskull gave him a strange look How so I dont speak from my own wisdomsaid Polecrabfor I have none but I have just now recalled what Broodviol once told mewhen I was a young manand he was an old one He said that Crystalman tries to turn all things into oneand that whichever way his shapes marchin order to escape from himthey find themselves again face to face with Crystalmanand are changed into new crystals But that this marching of shapes which we call forking springs from the unconscious desire to find Surturbut is in the opposite direction to the right one For Surturs world does not lie on this side of the onewhich was the beginning of lifebut on the other side and to get to it we must rep through the one But this can only be by renouncing our selflifeand reuniting ourselves to the whole of Crystalmans world And when this has been doneit is only the first stage of the journey though many good men imagine it to be the whole journey As far as I can rememberthat is what Broodviol saidbut perhapsas I was then a young and ignorant manI may have left out words which would explain his meaning better Maskullwho had listened attentively to all thisremained thoughtful at the end Its plain enoughhe said But what did he mean by our reuniting ourselves to Crystalmans world If it is falseare we to make ourselves false as well I didnt ask him that questionand you are as well qualified to answer it as I am He must have meant thatas it iswe are each of us living in a falseprivate world of our owna world of dreams and appetites and distorted perceptions By embracing the great world we certainly lose nothing in truth and reality Polecrab withdrew his feet from the waterstood upyawnedand stretched his limbs I have told you all I knowhe said in a surly voice Now let me go to sleep Maskull kept his eyes fixed on himbut made no reply The old man let himself down stiffly on to the groundand prepared to rest While he was still arranging his position to his likinga footfall sounded behind the two mencoming from the direction of the forest Maskull twisted his neckand saw a woman approaching them He at once guessed that it was Polecrabs wife He sat upbut the fisherman did not stir The woman came and stood in front of themlooking down from what appeared a great height Her dress was similar to her husbandsbut covered her limbs more She was youngtallslenderand strikingly erect Her skin was lightly tannedand she looked strongbut not at all peasantlike Refinement was stamped all over her Her face had too much energy of expression for a womanand she was not beautiful Her three great eyes kept flashing and glog She had great mes of fineyellow haircoiled up and fastenedbut so carelessly that some of the strands were flog down her back When she spokeit was in a rather weak voicebut full of lights and shadesand somehow intense pionateness never seemed to be far away from it

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