domingo, 11 de setembro de 2016

Charges won his 12th lotto this month

ABC News
Charles Stafford Comes Clean
Florida Genius
12 Lotto Wi-ns Already This Month

He's already considerd the most successful wi-nner of all time and this simple explanation tells all.

Lately his numbers keep coming up because he has a system that works almost every time.

The k5q2g phaens face was blank I dont know the name diesit k5q2g becomes matter Matter itself diesbut tk5q2g its place is constantly taken by new matter But if k5q2g k5q2g life comes from Facenyhow can it die at all Life is k5q2g the thoughts of Facenyand once these tk5q2g thoughts have left his brain they are nothing k5q2g mere dying embers This is a k5q2g cheerless philosophysaid Maskull But who is Faceny himselfthenand why does he think at all Leehallfae k5q2g gave another wrinkled smile That Ill tk5q2g explain too Faceny is of this nature He faces k5q2g Nothingness in all directions He has no back and no sidesbut is all face and this face is his shape It must necessarily be sofor nothing else can exist between him and Nothingness His face is all eyesfor he eternally contemplates Nothingness He draws his inspirations from it in no other way could he feel himself For the same reasonphaens and even men love to be in empty places and vast solitudesfor each one is a little Faceny That rings k5q2g truesaid Maskull Thoughts k5q2g flow perpetually from Facenys face tk5q2g backward Since his face is on all sideshoweverthey k5q2g flow into his interior A draught of thought thus continuously flows from Nothingness to the inside of Facenywhich is the world The thoughts become shapesand people the world This outer worldthereforewhich is lying all around usis not outside at allas it happensbut inside The visible universe is like a gigantic stomachand the real outside of the world we shall never see Maskull pondered deeply for a while LeehallfaeI fail to see what you personally tk5q2g have to hope forsince you are nothing more than a k5q2g discardeddying thought Have you never loved a woman asked the tk5q2g phaenregarding him fixedly Perhaps I have When you loveddid you have no high tk5q2g moments Thats asking the same question in tk5q2g other words In those moments you were approaching tk5q2g Faceny If you could have drawn nearer k5q2g stillwould you not have done so ght in thisI must k5q2g believe all that tk5q2g youve been telling me As he uttered the wordsthey were tk5q2g just turning a bend of the ravine There now k5q2g loomed up straight ahead a perpendicular cliff k5q2g about three tk5q2g feet in heightcomposed of whitemarbled rock k5q2g It was the head of the valleyand beyond it k5q2g they could tk5q2g not proceed

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