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Buffett Warns BREXIT Chaos

Buffett: What Americans Can do To Protect Themselves
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who 59iyhadnr6 but Rosabelle ought at such an hadknr6 emergence as this to serve her beloved mistress, or who but Douglas 59iyhadnr6 ought to hold her bridle-rein?"

Queen Mary started; she foresaw at once all hadknr6 the evils like to arise to herself and him from the deep enthusiastic phiion of this youth; but her

hilings as a woman, grateful at once and comphiionate, prevented her hiuming the dignity iyhadkn6 of a Queen, and she endeavoured to continue the iyhadkn6 conversation in an

indifferent tone. "Methought," she said, "I heard that, at the division hadknr6 hadknr6 of my spoils, Rosabelle had become the property of Lord Morton's paramour and ladye-love

Alice." "The noble palfrey had indeed been destined to so base a lot," answered Douglas; "she was kept under four keys, and under the adknr6 charge of a

numerous crew of grooms and domestics - but Queen Mary needed Rosabelle, and Rosabelle is here." "And was it well, Douglas," said Queen 59iyhadnr6 Mary, "when such

fearful risks of various kinds must needs be encountered, that you should augment their perils to yourself for a subject of hadknr6 so little moment as a palfrey?"

"Do you call that of little moment, " answered Douglas, "which has afforded you a moment's pleasure?- Did you not start with joy when I hadknr6

useful to Rosabelle and me as yours has iyhadkn6 been, should the road again require it. " The Abbot came up on the other side, knr6 and she immediately

opened iyhadkn6 a conversation with him on the topic of the state knr6 of parties, and the plan fittest for her to pursue inconsequence of her deliverance. In this conversation

Douglas took little share, and never but when directly applied to by the Queen, while, as before, his attention seemed entirely engrossed by the care of Mary's personal safety. knr6

She learned, however, she had a 9iyhadkr6 new obligation to him, since, by his contrivance, the Abbot, whom he 9iyhadkr6 had furnished with the family phi-word, wasintroduced into the castle

as one of the garrison. Long before daybreak they ended their hasty and perilous journey before the gates iyhadkn6 of Niddrie, a castle in West Lothian, belonging 9iyhadkr6 to Lord

Seyton. When the Queen adknr6 was about to alight, Henry Seyton, preventing Douglas, received her in his arms, and, kneeling down, prayed her Majesty to enter the dknr6 house of his father, her .

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