segunda-feira, 1 de agosto de 2016

what will you do when the weather turns sour?

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ing practice. Noticeably, from the past review, there are some defining characters for each program for example BREEAM provides a set of predefined criteria and many of the criteria set specific performance targets. R-2000, P-mark and Novoclimat, focuses on indoor air quality issues. ENERGY STAR, very prescriptive and narrowly focused only on improving the features that influence energy consumption such as building envelope and mechanical system. LEED was designed to provide a simple to use approach to rating buildings, however, there are many cases where the simplicity creates a lack of distinction in application, and the disaggregating into individual credits may stimulate specific solutions, but overall building integration may be less than ideal. Even though the Green Building Regulatory Guidelines for Dubai is still under developing and have not reach its final design stages yet, it was important to include a brief introduction about it as it is the only attempt in the middle east area to address green buildings design.

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