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stumbled forwardrecovered himselfand then vaulted clear over the high pile of mossesto get at his antagonist He fell on top of him with all his bulk Grasping his throathe pulled his little head completely aroundso that the neck was broken Crimtyphon immediately died reached out his hand for more fruitbut did not eat it Maskulls self control broke down and he dashed at the boychoking with red fury his beard wagged and his face was crimson When he realised with whom he had to dealCrimtyphon left off smilingslipped off the couchand threw a terrible and malignant glare into his sorb Maskullwill take longer to transform his head into a crownbut still I hope in fact I can almost promise that within a month you and IOceaxewill be plucking and enjoying fruit from this new and remarkable treeHe did not have to search his mind longto remember where he had seen the brother of that expression It was identical with that on the face of the apparition at the seanceafter Krag had dealt with it Chapter Tydomin Oceaxe sat down carelessly on the couch of mosses and began eating the plums You seeyou had to himMaskullshe saidin a rather quizzical voice He came away from the corpse and regarded her still redand still breathing Its no joking matter You especially ought to keep quiet Why Because he was your husband You think I ought to show grief when I feel none Dont pretendwoman Oceaxe smiled From your manner one would think you were accusing me of some crime Maskull literally snorted at her words Whatyou live with filth you live in the arms of a morbid monstrosity and then Ohnow I grasp itshe saidin a tone of perfect detachment Im glad WellMaskullshe proceededafter a pauseand who gave you the right to rule my conduct Am I not mistress of my own person He looked at her with disgustbut said nothing There was another long interval of silence I never loved himsaid Oceaxe at lastlooking at the ground

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That makes it all the worse What does all this mean what do you want Nothing from you absolutely nothing thank heaven She gave a laugh You come here with your foreign preconceptions and expect us all to bow down to them What preconceptions Just because Crimtyphons sports are strange to youyou murder him and you would like to murder me Sports That diabolical cruelty Ohyoure sentimental said Oceaxe contemptuously Why do you need to make such a fuss over that man Life is lifeall the world overand one form is as good as another He was only to be made a treelike a other trees If they can endure the lifewhy cant he And this is Ifdawn morality Oceaxe began to grow angry Its you who have peculiar ideas You rave about the beauty of flowers and trees you think them divine But when its a question of taking on this divinefreshpureenchanting loveliness yourselfin your own personit immediately becomes a cruel and wicked degradation Here we have a strange riddlein my opinion Oceaxeyoure a beautifulheartless wild beast nothing more If you werent a woman Well curling her lip let us hear what would happen if I werent a woman Maskull bit his nails It doesnt matter I cant touch you though theres certainly not the difference of a hair between you and your boy husband For this you may thank my foreign preconceptions Farewell He turned to go Oceaxes eyes slanted at him through their long lashes

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