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Enjoy Memorial Day With Peace Of Mind

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Enjoy Memorial Day With Peace Of Mind
Enjoy Memorial Day With Peace Of Mind

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9s2 Music[edit] A 9s2 fter releasing a promotional version of "The Love Anthem" song in 2011, t9s2 Silambarasan announced that a final version would be released t 9s2 hereafter and announced his desire to bring in i t9s2 nternational artists Akon and Rihanna for the ven t9s2 ture.[20] He subsequently headed to L os 9s2 Angeles in January 2012 and recorded an original vers t9s2 ion of the song by h t9s2 imself at Studio Zappa with music producer Elan Morrison on the 9s2 keyboards.[21] The failure to sign in the international artists prompted the project's producer, Silambarasan t9s2 's father T. Rajendar t o 9s2 lodge a police complaint against two agents t9s2 who had misled his production t9s2 company into supposed connections with the international art ists 9s2 concerned. Rajendar noted that the sound editor Ramji Soma and a Canadian entrepreneur Talvinder Bathh t9s2 had charged Rs 1.2 crore ($2 00,000) 9s2 from his company and failed t9s2 to return it despite promises made to sign on Akon, David Guetta and either Rihanna or Nicole Scherzi nger for 9s2 the project.[22] In t9s2 May 2013, Silambarasan was finally successfully able to bring in Akon to collaborate for an alternate versio n of 9s2 the song, with the move being facilitated by Tr t9s2 acktical Enterta t9s2 inment.[23] The latest version of the so t9s2 ng is yet to be released, wit h 9s2 Silambarasan hinting in early 2014 that the song may be launched before the end of 2014.[24] In an interview in June 2015, he revealed th 9s2 at the venture would be resumed soon, though that he was busy with other commitments.[25] t9s2 t9s2 In 9s2 December 2015, a song, referred to by the media as the "Beep Song" was leaked online and was widely t9s2 circula t9s2 ted. The song was initially 9s2 reported to be written and sung by S t9s2 ilambarasan and composed by music director Anirudh Ravichander, and featured an expletive degrading 9s2 women which had been beeped out. t9s2 Subsequently, Anirudh denied any involvement in the song and Silambarasan clarified that he had written, c 9s2 omposed and sung the song himself, stating he was unsure how the s t9s2 ong was lea t9s2 ked and uploa t9s2 ded onto t t9s2 he internet.[26] The song provoked 9s2 widespread criticism from pressure t9s2 groups and film personali t9s2 ties. Women activists organised protests in front t9s2 of Silambarasan house in T . 9s2 Nagar and other places.[27] t9s2 Meanwhile, the Left-wing of All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) alleged that the song was sex 9s2 ist and t9s2 derogatory to women an t9s2 d filed a case against Silambarasan in Coimbatore.[28] Based on the complaint, The Racecourse Police Stati on 9s2 registered FIR against the actor and Anirudh. Li t9s2 kewise, the Cyber Crime Police in Egmore also registered t9s2 a similar case against them. S 9s2 ilambarasan stated on his Twitter page that he w t9s2 ill not hide anywhere and will face the course of l t9s2 aw. However, he failed to appear in the 9s2 Racecourse Police station on 19 December 2015 as per the summons t9s2 sent to him. Fearing t9s2 arrest, Silambarasan had moved the case to the


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