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Dr Stern: Bacon oil will cure your diabetes

Paula's Diabetes cured

Jacob in a matter of a month her disease is gone


She continues to eat biscuits, butter, sugar, and chocolate daily

This is what she stop the diabetes

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The issue highlights continued efforts to bring immigrant communities into the mainstream in Wisconsin and elsewhere around the nation and the resistance of political leaders such as Wanggaard who say immigrants shouldnt be rewarded for entering the country illegally

Symbolically said Jon Blazer an immigration expert with of the American Civil Liberties Unions national office this is quite important to both sides It speaks to the symbolism of who belongs

The local ID programs started in the mid to late 2000s and have gained traction in many places across the nation Blazer said but the broader push has picked up momentum since 2013 when eight states Washington DC and Puerto Rico started allowing immigrants without legal status to obtain drivers licenses New York City officials in 2014 started issuing IDNYC cards calling it the largest municipal ID card program in the nation

But the efforts have been met by backlash A bill this year in Arizonas Senate challenged a Phoenix local ID plan but failed and North Carolina lawmakers sharply limited local powers to issue ID cards last year

A locallevel effort led to finalized plans in Milwaukee for a jointly funded citycounty card which would have started going out this year if not for the legislation on Walkers desk Voces executive director Christine NeumannOrtiz said

Eduardo Perera a 41yearold contractor whos lived in Milwaukee for years but was born in Mexico said the identification would have made his life easier in countless ways But aside from that he said its a moral thing

Ive lived here 26 years Ive owned a house for 18 years I should be able to prove that Im here

Perera and others say the cards would have helped everyone from victims of domestic violence who cant obtain restraining orders without identification to city residents who cant drop off recycling without ID

But Republican legislators see it differently Trying to get ID for someone here illegally is a federal issue Wanggaard said

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