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Do THIS & NEVER Forget A Single Thing Again! (NEVER)

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CNN: The End of Alzheimer's disease
Fight Memory Loss

CNN Health publishes trial results of a "memory serum" that has now showed to work miraculously in humans.

I remember everything. - Mark said (Stage 3 Severe/Late) Patient

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But[[m2]] there is another[[m3]] way to think about [[m1]]brain aging. The brain responds to all [[m3]]the same insults as the rest [[m1]]of the body - stress,[[m2]] poor diet, toxins,[[m3]] lack of exercise or sleep,[[m1]] nutritional deficiencies,[[m2]] and more.[[m3]] All we have to do is give the[[m1]] brain a tune-up and we can see [[m2]]miracles.[[m3]] In today’s blog I will give [[m1]]you nine tips that will[[m2]] allow you to do[[m3]] that. But first, let’s look [[m1]]a little more closely at[[m2]] the magnitude[[m3]] of this problem. Sometimes[[m2]] the practice of [[m3]]medicine lags behind the science,[[m1]] and sometimes the practice gets[[m2]] ahead of the[[m3]] science. Genetic testing puts us[[m1]] squarely in the middle of that dilemma.[[m2]] We are at a [[m3]]crossroads, where the old[[m1]] ideas we have about disease and diagnosis become less [[m2]]meaningful as [[m3]]we understand more and more[[m1]] about the importance of individual differences in determining[[m2]] illness. This is a time[[m2]] when personalized [[m3]]medicine will replace[[m1]] medicine based on diagnosis[[m1]] and disease.

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