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Do THIS & NEVER Forget A Single Thing Again! (NEVER)

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CNN: The End of Alzheimer's disease
Fight Memory Loss

CNN Health publishes trial results of a "memory serum" that has now showed to work miraculously in humans.

I remember everything. - Mark said (Stage 3 Severe/Late) Patient

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But bm there is another hbm way to think about mbrain aging. The brain responds to all hbm the same insults as the rest mof the body - stress, bm poor diet, toxins, hbm lack of exercise or sleep, m nutritional deficiencies, bm and more. hbm All we have to do is give the m brain a tune-up and we can see bmmiracles. hbm In today’s blog I will give myou nine tips that will bm allow you to do hbm that. But first, let’s look ma little more closely at bm the magnitude hbm of this problem. Sometimes bm the practice of hbm medicine lags behind the science, m and sometimes the practice gets bm ahead of the hbm science. Genetic testing puts us m squarely in the middle of that dilemma. bm We are at a hbm crossroads, where the old m ideas we have about disease and diagnosis become less bmmeaningful as hbm we understand more and more m about the importance of individual differences in determining bm illness. This is a time bm when personalized hbm medicine will replace m medicine based on diagnosis m and disease.

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