terça-feira, 23 de agosto de 2016

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Without answering Raskolnikovs question Petrovitch dismisses him but says he will need to see him againShortly thereafter Raskolnikov confesses the crime to Sonia telling her about his extraordinaryman theory It doesnt register with her But she says she will stand by him and urges him to confess to the police At his next meeting with Petrovitch the detective says Raskolnikov is the type of man who would have committed the crime If he confesses the courts will be less harsh with him But Raskolnikov withholds his confession Meanwhile Svidrigailov has been giving away-some to Sonia some to another family The next morning he shoots himself

Later Raskolnikov-under severe pressure because of the murder investigation-sees Sonia whose mother has recently died He tells Sonia that both of them are illfated creatures They commiserate and at his request she reads a passage in the Bible the story of Lazarus

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