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Vaio is a particularly intriguing choice to take on the challenge of building good Windows 10 phones though. With its two recent computers the company has proven it can cram exceptionally powerful processors into surprisingly slim computers which is something that flagship Windows 10 phones may need. One of Microsofts key selling points for future Windows 10 phones is Continuum which lets you connect a Windows 10 phone to a nearby monitor mouse and keyboard and use it like a full Windows 10 PC. Another is the ability to run full Windows 10 applications on the small screen. Those features could take a good deal of processing power to do properly.

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A Microsofts Display Dock which can help connect a Windows 10 phone to a monitor mouse and keyboard. Dave ChengCNET For now we have no details about Vaios Windows Phone or whether it will even be available outside Japan. Still the Vaio Z Canvas tablet came to the US and the Vaio Z Flip convertible and Vaio S laptop will arrive in the next few months. Its possible that Vaios situation will change drastically in the near future too. In December Japans Nikkei newspaper reported that Toshiba Fujitsu and Vaio were considering a threeway merger to help compete with bigger PC companies such as Lenovo while a Taiwanese supply chain report from Digitimes at the end of January suggests that those merger negotiations might be nearly complete. We dont know if that could affect any plans for a Vaio phone.

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