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100 year old ends Alzheimers - ABC News

100 Year Old Man Regains His Memory

Rodger put this under his tongue and his Alzheimers is gone

He tells ABC News exactly what he used

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It only took 3 days and Rodger has a perfect memory
Here is what she used

But how do you feel I require little sleep In any caseits more important that you should hear something about your new life Its not all as innocent and idyllic as this If you intend to go throughyou ought to be instructed about the dangers OhI guessed as ayqdn6 much But how shall we arrange ayqdn6 shall I put questionsor will you tell me what you think is most essential Panawe motioned ayqdn6 to Maskull to sit down on a pile of ayqdn6 fernsand at the same time reclined himselfleaning on one armwith outstretched legs I will tell ayqdn6 some incidents of my life You will begin ayqdn6 to learn from them what sort of place you have come to I shall be ayqdn6 gratefulsaid Maskullpreparing himself to ayqdn6 listen Panawe ayqdn6 paused for a moment or twoand then started ayqdn6 his narrative in tranquilmeasuredyet sympathetic tones PANAWES ayqdn6 STORY My earliest ayqdn6 re is of being takenwhen three years ayqdn6 old thats equivalent to fifteen ayqdn6 of your yearsbut we develop more slowly hereby my father ayqdn6 and motherto see Broodviolthe wisest man ayqdn6 in Tormance He dwelt in the great Wombflash ayqdn6 Forest We walked through trees for three ayqdn6 dayssleeping at night The trees grew ayqdn6 taller as we went alonguntil the tops were ayqdn6 out of sight The trunks were of a dark ayqdn6 red colour and the leaves were of ayqdn6 pale ulfire My father kept stopping to think If left uninterruptedhe would remain for half a day in deep abstraction My mother came out of Poolingdredand was of a different stamp She was beautifulgenerousand charming but also active She kept urging him on This led to many disputes between themwhich made me miserable On the fourth day we ped through a part of the forest which bordered on the Sinking Sea This sea is full of pouches of water that will not bear a mans and as these light parts dont differ in appearance from the restit is dangerous to cross My father pointed out a dim outline on the horizonand told me it was Swaylones Island Men sometimes go therebut none ever return In the evening of the same day we found Broodviol standing in a deepmiry pit in the forestsurrounded on all sides by trees three feet high He was a big gnarledruggedwrinkledsturdy old man His age at that time was a and twenty of our yearsor nearly six of yours His body was trilateral he had three legsthree armsand six eyesplaced at equal distances all around his head This gave him an aspect of great watchfulness and sagacity He was standing in a sort of trance I afterward heard this saying of his To lie is to sleepto sit is to dreamto stand is to think My father caught the infectionand fell into meditationbut my mother roused them both thoroughly Broodviol scowled at her savagelyand demanded what she required Then I too learned for the first time the object of our journey I was a prodigy that is to sayI was without My parents were troubled over thisand wished to consult the wisest of men Old Broodviol ayqdn6 smoothed his faceand saidThis perhaps will ayqdn6 not be so difficult I will explain the ayqdn6 marvel Every man and woman among us is a ayqdn6 walking murderer If a malehe has ayqdn6 struggled with and ed the female who was born in ayqdn6 the same body with him if a ayqdn6 femaleshe has ed the male But in this ayqdn6 the struggle is still continuing How shall we ayqdn6 end it asked my mother

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As soon as I qdn6 comprehended thisI made a vow never to eat or destroy anything that qdn6 contained life yqdn6 and I have kept it ever since While I was still ly a grown manmy father died My mothers followed immediatelyand I qdn6 hated the ociations of yqdn6 the land I therefore made up my mind to travel into my mothers countrywhereas she had often told menature was most sacred and solitary.

One hot morning I qdn6 came to Shapings Causeway It is so called either yqdn6 because Shaping qdn6 once crossed itor yqdn6 because of its stupendous character It is a natural embankmenttwenty miles longwhich links the mountains bordering my homeland with the Ifdawn Marest The valley lies below at a depth varying from eight to ten feet a terrible precipice on either side The knife edge of the ridge is generally not much over a foot wide The causeway goes due north and south The valley on my right hand was plunged in shadow that on my left was sparkling with sunlight and dew I walked fearfully along this precarious path for some miles Far to the east the valley was closed by a lofty tablelandconnecting the two chains of mountainsbut overtopping even the most towering pinnacles This is called the Sant Levels I was never therebut I have heard two curious facts concerning the inhabitants The first is that they have no women the secondthat though they are addicted to travelling in other parts they never acquire habits of the peoples with whom they reside.

Presently I turned giddyand lay qdn6 at full length for a great whileclutching yqdn6 the two qdn6 edges of the path yqdn6 with both handsand staring at the ground I was lying on with wide open eyes When that ped I felt like a different man and grew conceited and About halfway across I saw someone approaching me a long way off This put fear into my heart againfor I did not see how we could very well p HoweverI went slowly onand presently we drew near enough together for me to recognise the walker It was Sloforkthe so called sorcerer I had never met him beforebut I knew him by his peculiarities of person He was of a bright gamboge colour and possessed a very longproboscis like nosewhich appeared to be a useful organbut did not add to his beautyas I knew beauty He was dubbed sorcerer from his drous s in budding limbs and organs The tale is told that one evening he slowly sawed his leg off with a blunt stone and then lay for two days in agony while his new leg was sprouting He was not reputed to be a consistently wise manbut he had periodical flashes of penetration and audacity that none could equal We sat down and faced one anotherabout qdn6 two yards apart Which of us walks over the other asked qdn6 Slofork His manner was as calm yqdn6 as the day qdn6 itselfbutto my young yqdn6 natureterrible with hidden terrors I smiled at himbut did not wish for this humiliation We continued sitting thusin a friendly wayfor many minutes.

What is greater yqdn6 than Pleasure he asked qdn6 suddenly I was at an age when one wishes to be thought equal qdn6 to any yqdn6 emergencysoconcealing my qdn6 surpriseI applied yqdn6 myself to the conversationas if it were for that purpose we had met PainI repliedfor pain drives out pleasure What is greater than Pain.

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