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1 Click will end Alzheimers

Letterman Gets His Memory Back

Fully cured of Alzheimer's - Monday

David Letterman stepped down from late night TV due to severe Alzheimer's symptoms, however we are happy to report he is cured. Asian researchers created this non-invasive technique that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques - elements that are responsible for memory loss

There is even strong talk he will make a return to late night and replace Stephen Colbert

CBS Reports this will work on anyone

Get your loved one back in days

And what is Nothing TOURISM THREATENED While tourism to the region has long been hobbled by poor infrastructure and expensive air travel, it had recently seemed that change was in the air. Low-budget airlines have launched or expanded in the continent. West Africa had 13,500 hotel rooms in development in 2014, a third of the continent's total. Senegal - one of three countries in the region, along with Nigeria and Ghana, that had surpassed 1 million international arrivals - aims to triple tourists by 2025. Ivory Coast had the third-largest growth of visitor arrivals in Africa in 2014, according to the African Development Bank. But suddenly the outlook looks much less rosy. Even in Senegal, long considered to be a bulwark of stability, France has urged citizens to avoid public locations including nightclubs and stadiums. At the Hotel du Phare, a budget hotel in Dakar that hosts weekly parties popular among twenty-something expatriates, bag checks and security guards for their soirees had increased and secondary doors had been closed. Penelope Theodosis, who manages the hotel along with her husband, said she had a guard stationed outside at night, but added that she was walking a fine line between making her guests feel safe and frightening them. "We only have nine rooms ... A guardian inside the hotel would cause more fear than reassurance." (Additional reporting by Loucoumane Coulibaly in Abidjan and Madjiasra Nako in N'Djamena; Editing by Joe Bavier and Ralph Boulton)

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