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Doctors LAUGHED When He Said He'd Cured Tinnitus, But...

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Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom that can result from a number of underlying causes. One There has been little research v6qdhtf on the course of tinnitus and most research has been retrospective. An Australian study of participants aged 49â€"97 years found that 35% of participants reported that their tinnitus was present all the time and 4% rated their tinnitus as annoying. Findings from a retrospective National Study of Hearing found that, for 25% of people surveyed, the perceived volume of their tinnitus increased over time while, for 75%, it did not. The rate of annoyance decreased for 31% of people from onset of tinnitus to the middle time. A study of the natural history of tinnitus in older adults found that, for women, tinnitus increased for 25%, decreased in 58%, leaving 17% unchanged. The study found that, for men, tinnitus increased in 8%, decreased in 39%, leaving 53% unchanged. Information about the course of tinnitus would benefit from prospective studies investigating change over time as these studies may potentially be more accurate.[13]

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