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Trump Reveals Government Secret NObody wants you to know

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Published: April 11, 2016
TRUMP: America Is In A BIG Fat Bubble, The Governmnet Wants to Hide...

"Folks They never thought I would say it..." Speaking at a rally in New York,Trump spoke to a packed audience. "You wouldn't believe what they dont want the American people to know... - Trump"

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Right now the US economy seems to be in a pretty strange place. A bubble is how Donald Trump put it, and the man should know a thing or two about economics. Charles Hayek also understands a lot about the economy, what with being a retired economics professor who has dedicated his life to studying macroeconomics and the way the economy booms and busts. In his time he discovered that this economic bubble is a thing that actually exists. That for the past twenty years the economy has been cyclical. The cycle is simple, and proven; a bubble forms thanks to low interest rates. Investment grows as people believe the bubble will never end. Interest rates are risen right before an election. The economy slows down, and then the bubble bursts, leaving the new President with an economy to fix. … In 1999 the boom was dot coms. Clinton had a strong economy until right near the end when the dot com bubble burst and millions of dollars was lost. Then the same thing happened again before Obama took over as the real estate market crashed. Now it’s happening again that Obama is on the way out. You need to be prepared for the bubble to burst. You need a guide on Surviving The Final Bubble. The worst part about this bubble is that the bubble involves banks. Have you heard the saying that banks are 'too big to fail? That is what they said about dot coms and the housing market. They both failed. If the banks collapse then the financial crisis is going to be a lot bigger than anything seen before it. Probably bigger than the . America could end up looking like Greece. If you’re worried then Surviving The Final Bubble has the information you need. It has a lot of great financial advice on a number of things. First of all is a guide on how to store your money and assets in a way the government doesn’t know about. They have seized assets before and still do. They can't seize what they don’t know you have. You’ll learn more about the assets you should be investing in, as well as how to do so properly. Switching from gold to silver is a tip that is getting thrown around more and more these days. You need to know what good quality silver is and how to buy it. … There are also non-financial survival tips. This includes things like what food you should buy that can last a long time, and how to store it properly and effectively. You'll also learn invaluable skills you will need to survive. You’ll learn how to bring a community together and be seen as a leader. As well as much more.

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