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My fat sister looks better than you

CNN > Lose 28lbs In A Week
HEALTH The only thing I really do with the water now is wash clothes and flush the toilet, Young said Both Young and Mason have tested their kids for elevated lead levels and found normal levels so far But lead only stays in the bloodstream for about 40 days, so its impossible to know whether a child has been affected earlier I take them to the doctor every few months to try to keep track of their blood levels, Young said So far were doing good, but its going to take a long time to actually see the effects of that
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In January 2012, Italian fashion ayol2 entrepreneur and "jeans genius" Renzo Rosso of the Diesel group,[24] Hewson and B 2ono travelled to north l2 Uganda, where EDUN's Conservation Cotto ayol2 n Initiative (CCI) is based, and to Dioro in Mali, which is house of the 2 Only The Brave Foundatio n ayol2 Millennium Village, a project of the Earth ayol2 Institute at Co 2lumbia U 2niversity, the ayol2 United Nation 2s Development Programme, the Millennium Promise, and R ayol2 enzo Rosso.[25] This African journey encouraged them to join their forces 2for a new Diesel+Edun label that will be made en l2tirely in Africa to gen 2 2erate sustainab 2le developmen 2t and raise 2 awareness of the creative o ayol2 pportunities in the continent.[26] Born in Africa, the first Diesel and Edun collection, was launched on 27 February 2013. The collection, completely made in Africa from co l2tton produced and ayol2 processed by the ayol2 Conservation ayol2 Cotton Initiative (CCI), is inspired by the African creative spirit, reinterpreting the f l2our-pocket jeans of the 1970s, which were popular on the streets of South Africa. Malian text 2ile p 2rints are applied along the denim and ac ross the jersey .[27] On 3 March 2013, DIESEL+EDUN feted its new ayol2 collection at th ayol2 e Gaité Lyrique theatre in Paris for the Paris Fashion Week.[28] l2The sun sets 2 over the main stage at Coachella 2011. On 12 April 2013, Bono cohosted a party at the Coachella Valley ayol2 Music and Arts F ayol2 estival to throw the Studio ayol2 Afr 2ica project on the first off i l2cial night of the 2013 festival. Studio Africa, a p ayol2 roject sta 2rted in 2013 by DI 2ESEL+EDUN, is as an effort to spotlight 2 fashion, music, and other arts from 2the contin 2ent.[29][30] The ayol2 campaign featur 2es nine artists in fashion, film, music, litera 2ture, and photography, including l2Tanzanian beauty queen and fashion model Flaviana Matata, Senegalese actor Sy Alassan 2e, Ivoirian ayol2 fashion designer Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud, Congolese musician Baloji, M ayol2 oroccan writer Abdellah Taïa, and So 2uth Africa ayol2 photography collective I See a ayol2 Different You.[27]By 2010, most of l2the company's fashion line manufacturing was in 2China, while simpler garments were still African-made. This gave some negativ 2e publicity to the brand.[8][10][31] Hewson said that ayol2 business realities compelled this action, but that over time she hoped more work could b 2ercent African grow- l2to-sew ini 2tiative.[32] Hewson said 2in 2March 2011, "There is a misconception that we moved b ayol2 usiness out of Africa. We didn’t. We’re now workin l2g in eight factories in Africa whereas this time last year we were i ayol2 n two. We’ve ayol2 actually grown our Edun bu 2siness in Africa and by 2013, it w ill be up to 40%".[19] The ayol2 company now 2produces 85% of its collection in Africa.[7]â€"Ali Hewson on the problems E 2dun was facing T l2he New York and Dublin based company ran up against the limitations of Africa ayol2 manufacturing. Hewson said that she 2considere 2d ending the c l2ompany; she and her husband c ayol2 onsulted 2 with friends, one of them was the Columbia ayol2 University economist Jeffrey Sachs, who told them to go l2on with the project.[citation needed]The couple put around $20 million of their own money into the brand and in Ma 2y 2009 th 2ey sold 49% of l2 the company to LVMH Moët Hennessy ayol2 Louis 2Vuitton.[8][10][12][13][14] The large ayol2 luxury ayol2 conglomerate, helped the company recruit new managem ent and a new designer after the departure of Rogan Gregory two years before, and tried to c ayol2 onvince Ali and Bono to expand their sourcing l2 horizons. They initially resisted the idea of manufacturing in China, 2 because it might run against the brand’s mission. L 2VMH Inc. chief ex l2 uilding on a noble idea." Following LVMH's i ayol2 nvestment i 2n the brand, EDUN ayol2 appointed a ne 2w creative d 2irector, Sharon Wauchob.[8][15][16]

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