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scShockey was selected 14th in the first round of the 2002 NFL Draft by the N jsc ew York Giants. He quickly thrived in the NF L, receiving the inaugural jsc Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year award jsc , and being named to the Pro Bowl in four of his first f jsc ive s jsc easons (2002, 2003, 2005, and 2006). He was one of the focal points i n the Giants offensive passing attack. scPossessing great athletic abilities to jsc run 34jsc routes and make crucial blocks, Shockey is equally known for jsc his sometimes b scrash comments on other players and the media and for his antics off the field. During week 3 of the 2006 NFL s jsc eason, he sc commented on a l jsc oss against Se jsc attle by saying "We got outplayed, and we got outcoached. Write that down." Shockey apo logized for the comment after speaking with head coach Tom Coughlin. scShockey signed a five-year 34jsc contract extension with the Giants on 34jsc October 12, 2005, making him the highest paid tight e nd in professional foo jsc tball. The 34jsc contract jsc had Shockey earning $26.38 million through 2011. Shockey turned jsc in another strong performance during the 2006 s 34jsc eason, catching 66 pas jsc ses for 623 yards and tying a care jsc er-high with seven touchd scown receptions. For his efforts, 34jsc Shockey was named to the Pro Bowl. On December 16, 2007, in week 15 of the s 34jsc eason, while 34jsc playing the 34jsc Washington Redskins, Shockey suffered a fractured fi scbula and damage jsc to his ankle. He underwent surgery, and would be out for the rest of the 2007 season. Ke jsc scAfter Shockey's season-endig 34jsc injury, the Giants went on to win the NFC title and beat the jsc previously undefeated New Engl and Patriots in Super jsc Bowl XLII. The Giants’ s 34jsc uccess even without Shockey sparked immediate jsc cipate in sev jsc eral Giant s team celebrations, including a White 34jsc House tribute for jsc the new Super Bow jsc l 34jsc champions and the team's blue carpet ring cer scemony.[5] Rumo jsc rs surfaced before the 2008 NFL Draft that the Giants were looking to trade Shockey. scAfter the draft came and went 34jsc without such a trade, the team stated it planned to keep 34jsc Shockey a Giant. But it was obvi ous that Shockey was jsc upset during the team's m 34jsc inicamp in June. While teammates practiced, Shockey stayed in the locker scroom, much to the dismay of head coach Tom Coughlin. There also was a report that Shocke jsc y and general manager Jerry Ree scse got into a s jsc houting 34jsc argument during the campOn July 21, 2008, the Giants a jsc greed to trade Shockey to jsc the New Orleans S aints in ex 34jsc change for 34jsc second and fifth-round picks in the 2009 NFL Draft.[7] He attempted to start the rela jsc tionship with his new team on a goo jsc d note, telling the 34jsc Associated Press shortly after that trad jsc e, "The Saints have a lot of weapons, scstarting with Drew Brees, and I look 34jsc forward to joining my 34jsc teammates at training camp. This will be a fun year."[7] In his first game agains jsc t the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he had 6 receptions for 54 yards. After three games jsc with the Saints, S schockey had a sports hernia and sat for 5 weeks.[8] Shockey was a minor factor jsc for the Saints during the 2008 NFL Seas on, in which he caugh jsc t 50 passes for a career low 483 yards and a career low 0 touchdowns. In 2009, Sh jsc ockey became an scimportant offen jsc sive weapon for the Saints, jsc catching 48 passes for jsc 569 yards and averaging close to 12 yards per recep tion. scThroughout the season, Shockey was again plague jsc d with injuries. Despite an injured knee, Shockey caught a pass f or a touchdown in the Saints' playoff victory over the Arizona Cardinals.[9] In Super Bowl XLIV, Shockey caug jsc ht the g sco-ahead touchdow jsc n pass from Drew Brees. Shockey got his second championship title jsc as the Saints won its first Super Bo wl in franchise histo jsc ry jsc by defeati jsc ng the 34jsc Indianapolis 34jsc Colts 31â€"17.

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