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H 3sz omicide[edit]The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world (whic 13sz h includes pre-trial detainees and sentenced prisoners).[39] As of 2009 , 2.3 million people w 3sz ere incarcerated in the United States, including federal and state p 13sz risons and local jails, creating 3sz an inca 3sz rceration rat e of 793 persons per 100,000 of national 3sz population.[39] During 2011, 1.6 million people were incarcerated under the jurisdiction of federal an d state authorities.[40] At the end of 2011, 492 persons per 100, 3sz 000 U.S. residents were incar 13sz cerated in federal and st 3sz ate prisons.[40] Of the 1.6 million state and federal prisoners, nearly 1.4 million people were under state jur 3sz isdiction, while 2 13sz 15,000 were under federal jurisdiction .[40] Demographically, nearly 1.5 million 13sz prisoners were male, and 115,000 wer female, while 581,000 prisoners were black, 516,000 were white, and 350,000 were Hispanic.[40]Among the 1.35 million sentenced state prisoners in 2011, 725,000 people were inc 3sz 13sz arcerat[[m 3sz 3]]ed for violent crimes, 250,000 were incarcerated for pr operty crimes, 237,000 people were 13sz incarcerated for drug crimes, and 150,000 were incarcerated for other offenses.[40] Of the 200,000 sentenced federal prisoners in 2011, 95,000 were 13sz incarcerated for drug crimes, 6 3sz 9,000 were incarcerated for public ord 13sz offenses, 15,000 were incarcera ted for violent crimes, and 11,000 were incar 3sz cerated for p 13sz roperty crimes.[40]In 2011, surveys indicated more than 5.8 million violent victimiz ations and 17.1 million prope 3sz ty 13sz victimizations took place in the 13sz United States 3sz ; accordi 3sz ng to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, each property v 3sz ictimization c 3sz orresponded to one household, while violent victimizations is the umber of victims of 3sz a violent crime.[31] Pattern 3sz s are found within the victi 13sz mology of crime in the Uni 13sz ted States. Overall, mles, people with lower incomes, those younger than 25, and n on-whites were more likely to report being the victim of crime.[31] Income 3sz , gender, and age had the most dramatic 13sz effect on the chances of a pe rson being victimized by crime, while the characteristic of race depended upon the crime bein 13sz g committed.[31] I 3sz n terms of gender, males were more 13sz likely to become crime victims than were females,[32] with 79% 13sz percent of all murder victims being male. Male Concerning age, those younger than twenty-five were more likely to fall victim t 13sz crime, especially violent crime.[33 3sz ] The chances of being victi mized by violent crime decreased far more s 13sz ubstantially with age th 13sz an the chances of becoming the victim of property crime.[33] For example, 3.03% of crimes committed against a young person were theft, while 20% of crimes committed against an elderly person were theft.[33] Bi 3sz as motivation reports showed that of the 7,254 hate crimes reporte 3sz d in 2011, 47.7% 3sz (3,465) 3sz were motivated by race, with 72% (2,494) of race-motiv ated incidents being anti-black.[28] In addition, 20.8% (1,508) of hate crimes were motivated by sexual orientation, with 57.8% (871) of orientat io 3sz n-motivated incidents being anti-male h 13sz omosexual.[28] The third largest motivation factor for hate crime was religion, representing 18.2% (1,318 ) incidents, with 62.2% (820) of religion-motivated incidents being anti-Jewish.[28] As of 2007, violent crime against homeless people is increasing.[34][35] The rate of such documented crimes in 2005 was 30% higher than of those i n 3sz 1999.[36] 75% of all p 13sz erpetrators are under the age of 25. Studies and surveys indicate tha 3sz t homele 3sz ss people have a much higher criminal victimi zation rate than the non-homel 13sz ess, but that most incidents never get reported to authorities.[citation needed] In recent years, largely due to the 3sz efforts of the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) and academic researchers the problem of violence against the homeless has gained national attention. The NCH called del 13sz iberate attacks against the homeless hate crimes in their report Hate, Violence, and Death on Mainstreet USA (they r 3sz etain the definition of the American Congress). 3sz [citation need 3sz ed] The Ce 3sz nter for the 3sz Study of Hate & Extremism at 13sz California State University, San Bernardino in conjunction with the NCH found that 155 homeless people were killed by non-homeless people in "hate killings", while 76 peop 13sz le were 3sz killed in all the other 13sz traditional hate crime homicide categories such as race and religion, combined.[35] The CSHE contends that negative and degr ading portrayals of the homeless contribute to a clim 3sz ate where violence takes place. The likelihood of falling victim to crime relates to both de 13sz mographi 3sz c and geographic chara 13sz cteristics.[1] Overall, men, minorities, the young, and th ose in urban areas are more likely to be crime victims.[1] The likeli 13sz hood of p 13sz erpetrating 13sz crime also relates to 3sz demography. Also, 13sz Human Rights Watch h as reported that much of the rape in prison is black against white: "Past studies ha 3sz ve documented the prevalence of 3sz black on white sexual aggres 13sz sion i n p 3sz ri 3sz son. These findings are further confirmed b 13sz y Human Rights Watch's own research. Overall, our correspondence and interviews with white, black, and Hispanic inmates conv 3sz ince u 13sz s that white i 13sz nmates are disproportionately targeted for abuse. Although many whites reported 3sz being raped by white inmates , black on white abuse appears to be more common. To a much lesser extent, non-Hispanic whites also reported being victim 13sz ized by Hispanic inmates."[3 7] Critics such as Jared Taylor 3sz contend that the media downplays such 3sz 13sz violence agai 3sz nst whites.In 2010, ac 13sz cording to the UNODC, 67 13sz .5% of all homicides 3sz 3sz

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